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2017 Pool Resolution: Weekly Pool Brushing

Most new pool owners are great about getting out and brushing their pool on a regular basis. As the days and months go on though, it is one of those chores that tends to fall off of everyone’s list. Unfortunately, brushing your pool is a lot like brushing your teeth. You do it to help prevent future problems, not necessarily to solve a problem that you already have. In 2017, we encourage everyone to enjoy some planned weekly time with your pool and get out to give it a little brush. Here’s why.

Problem Prevention

Brushing your pool, like brushing your teeth, prevents things like dirt, grime, and algae from adhering to the finish. Algae in particular, a rooting plant, can get deeply established into a pool finish if its roots are allowed to dig and grow without challenge. Just like a cavity in a tooth, it is almost too late to start brushing once the algae has already set in at which point you will begin requiring more costly and invasive procedures.

Longer Lasting Finish

A pool finish, whether it is plaster or some other pebble aggregate material, needs to be brushed regularly in order to maintain its integrity. Most pool water, regardless of how closely it is chemically treated, brings some amount of calcium to the pool’s finish. When calcium is allowed to collect in deposits, it can cause pitting and discoloration that will affect the look and long-term integrity of the finish.


The last reason to get out and brush your pool once a week has absolutely nothing to do with your pool and everything to do with you. Brushing is an aerobic activity that is beneficial to your health. It is a great way to get your heart rate up for the appropriate amount of time while knocking a very important chore off of your to-do list. It is also a great way to give your pool a thorough inspection every week for issues like cracked coping and any potential separation in the pool seam. Think of it as weekly pool bonding.