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All About Calcium Levels

Hard water is an idea most of us are familiar with. Whether from a plumber or a joke on television, hard water is a thing that most of us have heard, yet few actually know exactly what it is.

When it comes to your pool, water hardness is actually important. Maintaining the appropriate level of calcium in your pool is a critical step to good water quality and in warding off future plumbing issues due to corrosion.

First, what exactly is calcium hardness? Well, the measurement of how hard or soft your pool water is is defined by how much dissolved calcium you have present. A healthy pool should optimally have approximately 150-400 ppm with the ideal range being around 325 ppm. Numbers that reflect too high or low from this numerical value can indicate that you are on a future path for problems.

Testing, Testing
Most standard pool water chemistry tests check your pH and alkalinity levels. Calcium hardness is a different check – often performed through a liquid test kit. At Blue Water Pool Chemical Company, we recommend conducting this test once every two weeks to ensure that your pool quality is on point.

Too Hard
If your water is too hard, chances are that you’ll notice a cloudy presence in your pool. This is most likely a build-up of calcium sediments or scale and it can have a negative effect on your pool equipment or plumbing systems.

Too Soft
Soft water means that your water is registering below the recommended 150 ppm level. If this happens, your water can become corrosive and will be a detriment to any metal or concrete surfaces present in your pool.

Strive for Balance
To balance, be sure to clean your pool properly and remove any unsightly contaminants. Then balance your water chemistry as it is critical to establish proper pH and Alkaline levels before worrying about calcium hardness. Then conduct your test and adjust as necessary. If this has you fretting, give our team a call as we are happy to help you troubleshoot any pool problems and get you on the right track