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The Art of the Pool Repair

At Blue Water Pool Chemical Co., minor pool repairs are in our wheelhouse but when it comes to major repairs, we partner with Swimming Pool Service and Repair, one of the Valley’s best. In fact, our partnership is over 35 years old! Dedicated to a commitment of quality and customer service, Swimming Pool Service and Repair has been restoring Arizona pools for since 1957.

Covering all things pool renovations, here are several of the top renovation services that define the art of the pool facelift:

● Pool and Deck Resurfacing
Nothing updates a pool like a good resurfaces. On today’s market, there are so many options to select from. The standard plaster finishes to gunite and aggregate available in a wide variety of textures and colors. Pool resurfacing is for you if you want to update your look!

● Pool and Spa Re-Tiling
Right behind resurfacing, redoing your pool or spa’s tile work is another great way to introduce concepts of modern design.

● Water Features
Adding a waterfall or fountain are two examples of enhancing your poolscape with a water feature. Not only do these items add beauty and tranquility they can help to aerate your pool to maintain comfortable temperatures!

● Depth Conversions
If you’ve been stuck with a play-pool and want a diving pool, we can help! Likewise, if you used to swim laps and are looking to convert your pool to a more kid-friendly place to splash, a depth conversion is for you.

● Equipment Upgrades
Whether adding an automatic water leveler or dedicated suction line, upgrading your pool equipment can do wonders in regards to streamlining efficiency and operations of your pool.

Whether a simple cosmetic repair to revitalize your pool area or a complete overhaul to redefine your space, our trusted partner is the one to help bring your project to fruition.