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Don’t Make These Mistakes

Yes, it’s true that everyone makes mistakes but learning from yours or others’ errors can help you make better decisions. This holds true for pool care as well! To help you navigate the complicated world of pool ownership, here are several mistakes to be avoided and remember, if you need help, our professional team is standing by:

  • Shocking During Daylight Hours
    Many people are making this mistake: shocking their pool during daylight hours. The reason why it is a mistake is that the sun will burn off the chlorine you are adding making it difficult to reach the correct break-point oxidation. Instead, try shocking your pool right at dusk or shortly thereafter to ensure you reach the appropriate chlorine level (12ppm).
  • Not Running System Enough
    Another common error is not running your pool’s system enough. During lighter swim periods, we recommend at least six to eight hours a day to properly circulate and filter your water. In times of high traffic, this should bump up to ten to twelve hours a day to ensure your water is clean and avoid any problems!
  • Ignoring Acidic Water
    Both alkalinity and pH are critical to making your pool water safe and sanitized. If your pool chemistry is off, you can in fact cause severe damage to your equipment including pump, filter, heater, cleaner and other items. A low pH can be too harsh on your system due to its high acidity!
  • Not Brushing
    Many individuals rely on automatic pool cleaners instead of doing any manual work but this is a major error. Getting into the nooks and crannies with a brush can help slough off any potential algae growth or other conditions like scale to ensure a fresh, clean looking pool.

Pool ownership doesn’t have to be difficult but it does require some attention to avoid missteps. Let us know how we can help you keep the pool you want in the condition that’s ripe for enjoying a beautiful summer!