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Got Pool Problems?

While owning a pool can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, it also takes a bit of work to upkeep. To ensure that your water is beautiful and swim-ready, you need to stay on top of your regular pool care. If you’ve let it slide, you may be facing some pool trouble. Here’s a round up of common pool issues:

  1. Algae
    If you notice that your pool water is murky with green, black, or yellowish gold growth, the chances are that you have an algae issue. Due to low sanitizing levels, poor circulation, lack of maintenance, and improper water balance, you’ll need to perform tasks such as shocking, brushing, cleaning your filter and system, and treating your water with an algaecide.
  2. Animal or Insect Overload
    It’s spring, which means a plethora of creatures. If you notice that your water is overloaded with bugs, frogs, birds and so on, the introduction of organic matter into your pool may be more than your water can handle. Be sure to shock to kill any organic elements and look for an algaecide that can help keep your pool fresh.
  3. Cloudy Water
    If you can’t see the bottom of your pool, you’ve got a big problem. Hazy or cloudy water means that your pool is lacking filtration, circulation, and is low on sanitizer. Check your water chemistry, take necessary actions to restore balance and then run your pump continuously.
  4. Off-Color Water
    Depending on your issue, your pool may show a different color. Brown water typically alludes to an iron presence in your water, green or turquoise water means copper and dark brown or purple typically points to manganese. To avoid equipment corrosion, you’ll need to vacuum out water and consider using a metal out to counter the presence of the elements.

Whatever troubleshooting you are doing, don’t go it alone. At Blue Water Blue Chemical Company, we are here to aid you in diagnosing and correcting any pool problems so you can prep for a joyful, swim-rich spring!