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Metal Issues?

If you have metals present in your pool, you’ll need to rectify the issue immediately in order to prevent further issues like unsightly stains. Taking measure to add a stain or scale preventer on a regular basis is one important step used to combat the presence.

If you do not know how to proceed, talk to a pool professional and have your water tested for metal at least once a month. If a test registers at .2ppm or more, we recommend that you bump up the addition of a stain/scale preventer to once every other week. When in doubt, alternate this preventer with your weekly shocking.

After you add a product, you should run your filter for at least 24 continuous hours after. This enables your pool volume to turn over completely and will prevent the scale formation on your pool surface or any equipment.

Stain Colors
You should be able to diagnose what type of metal you are dealing with by stain. For example:

  • Copper – Stains appear blue or aqua
  • Iron – Stains will appear rustlike
  • Manganese – Stains appear black
  • Scale – Stains will look brown or gray

The cause of most metals present in your pool water is your pool supply. The second most common reason is due to the erosion or corrosion of any metal fixtures in your water. Identifying and treating metal stains doesn’t have to be a challenge. At Blue Water, we are here to help you correct any water problems so you can kick back and enjoy a healthy and beautiful pool.