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Prepping Your Pool for Party Season

Getting your pool ready for the outdoor party season means much more than just putting out some tiki torches. After sitting idle all winter, your pool has invariably taken a beating from everything from age to the weather. In order to get your pool ready for guests, follow the steps below:

One – Assessment

Carry out a careful inspection of your pool to find any deficiencies like cracks or major chips in the plaster finish or damage to the surrounding deck material. Closely examine your pool equipment as well for any leaks or damaged components. During the assessment, make a detailed list of any items needing attention.

Two – Inspiration

Getting your pool party ready is just as much about coming up with ideas for what you want your pool to become as it is about finding what is lacking in it. Perusing pool blogs online or visiting design companies like Imagine Backyard Living are great ways to come up with ideas for improving the visual or functional aspects of your pool.

Three – Spring Into Action

After completing your list of damaged items as well as your list of inspired updates, it’s time to put a plan into effect. At this point your list is ready to triage into three sections: repair, remodel, or update. Repairs are items like chips or cracks that can be returned to normal visual and practical status with some slight attention. Remodels are larger scale issues that require a more in-depth intervention. They can be anything from resurfacing a pool bottom to removing old and damaged decking material and replacing it with something new. Updates can be thought of as elective treatments that come about as you imagine ways in which your pool can be lifted to a higher state of design and functionality. Adding water features or colored lights as adornments or replacing an aging pool pump with something newer and more energy efficient are all updates.

The last and most important step is planning what kinds of parties you will be hosting this year after repairing, remodeling, and updating your pool to its best possible level. Once everything is in place, have some fun coming up with all of the ways you are going to take advantage of your new and improved party ready pool!