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Proper Pool Hygiene

You might think we are about to talk to you about the cleanliness of your pool, but we are actually talking about the cleanliness of YOU before you get into your pool. While a cool and refreshing dip might seem like a great way to rinse off the daily detritus that you might accumulate in a work day, your pool should not be treated like a bath tub, especially if you share it with other family members.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has actually been trying to get swimmers to shower before diving in for decades and that is because dirty people introduce a whole host of substances to a pool. Things like cosmetics, body oil, and sweat can all bind with chlorine in your pool creating a situation where chloramines are produced which neutralizes any sanitation and gives off a telltale strong chlorine smell. The worst thing that dirty swimmers introduce to pool water though is urine and fecal matter. These types of substances are then ingested by other swimmers, either when they accidentally swallow water or when it goes in their ears, and can lead to ear infections, skin infections, or even some dangerous waterborne illnesses. This is an especially important consideration for swimmers with compromised or underdeveloped immune systems like infants or the elderly.

While it might seem counter-intuitive, get into the habit of taking a quick rinse before your get in the pool. No need to go the whole nine yards and take a bath, just make an effort get off any dirt or grime you might have accumulated throughout the day. If you are in your own backyard, you can even find a nice patch of lawn that needs some extra water and rinse off with the garden hose. A little extra attention to pre-swimming hygiene will not only improve the look and quality of your pool, but it will keep the water clean and safe for others to enjoy.