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Safe Pool Chemical Storage

Pool chemical storage, especially during these hot summer months, can be an incredibly important task. Right now, you are probably using your pool a lot, perhaps even daily, and therefore using your chemicals to stay on top of the user load. Making sure that your chemicals are put away properly can go a long way toward avoiding accidents and in lengthening the life of your chemicals.

Here are a few best practices for handling pool chemicals safely and responsibly:

  1. Always use gloves and goggles when handling pool chemicals. Most chemicals are made of highly concentrated substances that can burn or irritate your skin or eyes if they happen to come in contact with your body.
  2. Keep chemicals stored in a cool dry place and inside of the containers that the chemicals came from the store in. Transferring them to other containers can be hazardous and you could cause unwanted chemical reactions with other substances. We also recommend that you resist the temptation to store chemicals inside of a garage as in any enclosed space, harmful fumes can concentrate in potentially harmful ways.
  3. Find a storage space that can be locked so that kids and pets cannot gain access to chemicals. You also should make sure that all lids are securely fashioned.
  4. Make sure that liquid chemicals are never stored above dry chemicals and that acid is never stored with chlorine. When chlorine and acid are combined, chlorine gas is created which can be incredibly harmful if inhaled or if it comes in contact with any of the body’s mucous membranes like the nose, eyes, and throat.

The proper pool chemical storage will keep your supplies well stocked and at hand whenever they are needed. Remember, it is important to treat them as the potentially dangerous substances that they are and always take precautions to protect you and your family members.