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Several Fall and Winter Pool Care Tips

The fall and winter seasons may bring some debris to your pool. This means that your maintenance routine needs to step up its game in order to keep your pool healthy and free of problems. To do just that, here are several of our expert pool tips:

  1. Keep Up with General Cleaning
    Just because your pool is having less visitors doesn’t mean you can neglect its care. Be sure to remove all pool toys to keep them in good shape for next swimming season. Use your pool vacuum often and brush your tiles and pool deck to prevent buildup.
  2. Debris
    With the colder temperatures, comes the change in leaves. This accumulation of organic material can be a detriment to your pool if left unattended. You want to stay on top of removing leaves and debris from your water. Leaves that sink to the bottom can cause unsightly staining. We recommend cleaning out your skimmer baskets daily and using a leaf net to skim off any debris that makes its way into your pool. A cover is also an excellent way to save on cleaning time in the offseason.
  3. Adjust Pool Chemicals
    Maintaining healthy water is a must year-round. In colder temperatures, you’ll likely need to add fewer chemicals but it is important to monitor pH health and adjust as needed.
  4. Watch Temperatures
    Last, but not least, look ahead at the weather and be prepared for temperatures that dip below freezing. We don’t have that many super cold nights but it’s best to not be caught off-guard. If you aren’t using your pool, you may want to go ahead an winterize it. For more information, call our team and we can help set you up for success.