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Should You Consider a Saltwater Pool System?

Saltwater pool systems have increased in popularity over the last few years. Saltwater pools use a salt chlorine generator that converts salt to chlorine. Contrary to popular misconception, it’s not actually a chlorine free pool! The reason why people consider salt water pool systems is that they make pool water have a mild, silky feel. Think about the salinity level in the ocean, a saltwater pool is about 1/10th of that salinity. It offers a pleasant and semi-buoyant pool experience.

Salt Chlorine Generator
There are two main components of a salt water generator – the cell and the control board. As pool water enters through the cell side, it passes through a series of grids that give off a low-voltage current. It’s this current that converts salt into small bubbles of chlorine. When this chlorine exits the generator and rejoins the pool water, it turns into hypochlorous acid, the end goal and product responsible for keeping your pool sanitized.

Types of Salt
There are three options of salt for a salt generator:

  1. Solar salt
  2. Mechanically evaporated salt
  3. Mined salt

You want high salt purity where possible to ensure seamless pool water appearance and maintenance. Be sure to read the store labels and look for food-grade, granular salt that’s intended for swimming pools.

Advantages of a Saltwater Pool
The main advantages of a saltwater pool include silky water, lower annual chemical costs, no chlorine smell and a more gentle pool experience for your skin, hair and eyes. If you are considering this type of system. Come talk to our team about it.