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Spring and Your Pool

Did you know that the weather can impact your pool’s water quality? At Blue Water Pool Chemical, we are here to help year round. Here’s how spring weather affects your pool heading into the warmer months:

Heavy Storms
While we are almost out of the early spring storm period here in the Valley of the Sun, we may have a few lingering storms that hit. Since storms are often accompanied by strong gusts of wind and rainfall, you need to pay extra special attention to your pool water in their aftermath.

Bacteria and dirt can accumulate from runoff and this can through your pool chemistry out of balance. After any event, check your pH and adjust chemicals to ensure proper pH balance with an eye to active chlorine levels.

Too Much Sun
While sunshine is the perfect condition for swimming, you need to be aware on sunny days that you may need to check your water quality. This is because direct sun, the UV rays, make chlorine disappear faster than normal. Couple this with the longer days of spring and summer and you need to be aware that your pool chemicals’ staying power may be shorter lived.

Hot Hot Heat

Similar to sunshine and exposure, our climbing temperatures can also decrease the effectiveness of your pool chemicals. As the mercury goes up, be sure to take into consideration any changes necessary to adjust your water chemicals to accommodate.

With that being said, enjoy the glorious pool weather and by taking the steps to ensure crystal blue water now, you can stave off any issues later so your pool is swimready at a moment’s notice.