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Spring Opening

This year’s unseasonably warm winter is coming to an end and this means that it is time to start preparing to open up your pool for spring. Before you know it, that water is going to be very inviting and it is important to follow a few easy steps to make sure it is clear, clean, and ready for you and your family to enjoy.

Clean and prep the pool cover for removal

This is the first and most straightforward step to follow that will pay back dividends in a clean and simple cover removal process. First you want to remove any water and debris that might have accumulated on the cover. Use a submersible pump and then a gas or electric blower to remove any remaining moisture and leaves. What you don’t want to happen is for all of that accumulated gunk to get into your pool water and introduce potential algae spores or other contaminants that will make kicking off the spring season a challenge. It is critical to always thoroughly dry your cover once removed as well before putting it away as they can very quickly develop mold or become stained when not treated correctly. This is also a great time to inspect the cover for any damage and get those fixed so that by next winter, your cover is ready for another season of doing its job correctly.

Check the water level

If you removed water from your pool during the winterization process, now is the time to refill it. Using regular tap water from the hose, return enough water for the level to rise just above the skimmer inlets. The trouble with not returning your pool to an acceptable water level is that you run the risk of your pumps running dry from time to time which can do significant and costly damage. This is probably the easiest, but most often overlooked step that will help keep your pool equipment functioning properly year after year.

Reconnect and unplug

Now that the pool is uncovered and refilled, remove any of the winterization plugs from your pump, filter, or heater and get all of the equipment reconnected. This is a perfect time to call in a pool service company to do an annual assessment of your gear so that any necessary repairs can be made before you get too far into the high-use season. Once everything is setup, turn the system on and watch for any leaks that may have developed over the winter due to a crack in a pipe or a dried-out seal or gasket.

Test, test, test

If you have not done so already, go out and buy a high-quality home water testing kit and learn how to use it. Before adding any chemicals to your newly open and running pool, you want to know exactly where your water chemistry stands and a good test kit will always lead you in the right direction. We do offer a comprehensive testing and pool startup program but water testing is one of those things that you can and should learn to do as a pool owner.