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Top 4 Sources of Pool Water Quality Problems

Given that most pools are located outdoors and exposed to the elements, there are many factors and variables that can negatively impact water quality. Here is our list of the top four.

Number 4 – High Temperatures

High ambient temperatures can often lead to high water temperatures, which in turn creates an environment where bacteria and other microorganisms can proliferate. As more organic compounds like bacteria spread, your pool water uses it stores of free chlorine more quickly, making it much harder to maintain. If your pool is in full sun and regularly reaches temperatures over 82 degrees, consider purchasing a shade structures that would cover sections of the water, or at the very least be extra vigilant about testing your water.

Number 3 – Poor Circulation

Poorly circulating water is another quick way to develop bacteria and other microorganisms in your pool. It is recommended that pool pumps run approximately 10 hours per day and always during the daylight hours when chlorine is most often neutralized by the sun’s UV rays.

Number 2 – Source and Non-Source Water

This refers to the addition of water to your pool that can come from both known and unknown sources. An example of a source water could be the water coming out of a garden hose. While this water is often clean and very sanitary, it might have varying imperfections of its own, including high calcium levels, that can throw off the functional effectiveness of the pool equipment and pool surface. Non-source water would be something like direct rainfall or rainwater runoff which can be acidic enough to lower your water’s pH and make it uncomfortable for swimmers.

Number 1 – Swimmers

Swimmers introduce the largest range of contaminants to pool water. Everything from shampoo and makeup to urine and feces can have an adverse affect on pool chemical levels. When these substances build, they can bind up free chlorine and prevent your pool from being sanitized properly.