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Troubleshooting Common Pool Problems

Here is a list of some of the most common pool issues you will face this spring season and how to deal with them:


Pool algae comes in a variety of colors and types and turns up when your pool is having issues either sanitizing or circulating the pool water. Whenever you notice algae developing on pool surfaces, use a stiff pool brush to knock it loose and then heavily shock your pool water. Check your pump for proper functioning and contact a pool maintenance professional if you ever notice black algae.


While there is obviously nothing that you can do to control the rain, you can be proactive in what you do to help your pool water handle the excess runoff. Rain water carries a broad range of contaminants that can do harm to your pool’s water quality. Nutrient runoff from fertilizers in your grass in particular can contribute significantly to the development of algae in your pool water. For that reason, be sure to carefully skim any large debris from your pool water after each rain event and shock it to provide a stabilizing effect.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water is a telltale sign of an excess of suspended solids in our pool water. This can take place after an especially busy pool party when a ton of sunblock and body oil has sloughed off of your guests’ skin and into your pool water. It can also take place when chlorine has bound with suspended solids to create chloramines that disable its ability to sanitize.

If you ever run into any issues that do not fall on this list and that you can not immediately diagnose, give us a call and let our pool chemical experts come out for a consultation. Our chemical and cleaning services take all of the guesswork out of the water quality maintenance process and enable you to enjoy your pool, hassle-free.