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Winter Pool Maintenance

Just because the winter has finally set in does not mean the maintenance responsibilities have stopped. Here are three winter maintenance tasks that should be on everyone’s list.

Pre-Freeze Inspection

Every time the weather looks like it is going to turn towards a freeze, make sure to go out and inspect your pool equipment for any excess water. It is critical that components like pumps and pipes are clear of all water when a freeze is expected as they can be seriously damaged. It is also important to drain your pool water to a level of 4-6 inches below the skimmer before freezing temperatures set in.

Winter Algae Treatment

Go to your local pool supply store and ask for an algaecide or algaestat with long-lasting qualities to add to your pool before it is completely closed for the winter. Particularly in a pool that is covered, this will prevent the development of any algae issues throughout the winter. A winter algae treatment should also be coupled with a pre-closing dose of chlorine that will help maintain a high sanitizer level throughout the closed season.

Pool Cover Maintenance
Pool covers are a critical component of any closed pool. They protect the pool water as well as the finish from any accumulation of debris that can cause algae or staining to develop. A good safety cover will also prevent people or critters from falling into the frigid waters and getting into trouble. For this reason it is important to regularly hose off your pool cover and remove any large debris that might fall on top of it to prevent it from ripping or tearing.

Get outside this winter and enjoy some one-on-one time with your pool. It will ensure that you have a smooth and clean opening come summer.