2022 Pool Trends

While the winter solstice is right around the corner and then the holidays shortly thereafter, there’s no better time to plan ahead for next year for your best pool life. At Blue Water Pool Chemical Company, we’ve been providing the best pool chemical and cleaning services to Scottsdale customers for over 45 years. And we can’t wait to continue doing so into the new year.

We like all things pool-related, especially when a pool is balanced and clean. In addition, we like to stay ahead of the current trends in our industry so we can tailor our services to fit the needs of our customers. As we look ahead, we’re noticing several noteworthy trends for 2022 including:

  • Natural Elements
    Lounging just got more relaxing through the introduction of natural elements into poolside environments. From large scale rock installations to tropical landscaping, we’re seeing individuals go to great lengths to craft their own private sanctuaries. One of our favorite combinations of elements includes a hybrid of fire and water. For example, a fireplace or fire pit incorporated into a pool setting.
  • Saltwater Pools
    We do love a good saltwater system and it seems the general population is beginning to agree. More homeowners as of late are opting to switch from traditional chlorine pool systems to ones that use saltwater to maintain clean and sanitized conditions.
  • Advanced Lighting Systems
    Whether for evening or early mornings dips or to add general ambiance for poolside hosting, swimming pool lighting options have come a long way. For gentle illumination that fits your pool and your mood regardless of occasion, look to advanced LED lighting options to help transform your property.
  • Dark Pool Interiors
    The pool of yesterday is that well-known bright blue color but the trend for cutting edge pools is to go with a darker interior pool evoking a feeling of a lagoon or other more intimate space.