Pool Repair Services

Our goal is to keep your pool swim ready at all times.

BLUE WATER does minor repairs, but when it comes to major repairs, heaters, remodeling, electrical, decking, and anything else, we refer you to our partner, Swimming Pool Service & Repair. We have partnered with them for over 35 years and they give our customers the best possible solutions and results. Call Swimming Pool Service & Repair at 602-267-7203 and tell them you are a customer of BLUE WATER Chemical Co.

swimming pool outside luxury home
Tanned caucasian girl in a resort swimming pool during night.

Swimming Pool Service & Repair Offers the following:

  • All Equipment Repairs
  • Pool Remodeling
  • Pool Lighting

Call Swimming Pool Service & Repair for all Pool repair needs: 602-267-7203.

Contact Us to Book a Pool Chemical and Cleaning Service: