Benefits of Swimming in a Well-Serviced Pool by Blue Water Pool Chemical Co.

Swimming pools are a hallmark of relaxation and enjoyment, especially in the greater Phoenix area where the climate invites residents to cool off in sparkling blue waters. While the allure of a home pool is undeniable, ensuring it remains clean and safe requires regular maintenance and chemical balancing. Blue Water Pool Chemical Co. specializes in…

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The Benefits of Professional Pool Water Testing: Why It’s Worth It

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, many of us eagerly anticipate refreshing dips in our backyard pools. However, ensuring your pool water is safe and clean is crucial to enjoying a healthy swimming season. While it may be tempting to handle pool maintenance yourself, professional pool water testing offers several significant benefits that make it…

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The Importance of Proper Pool Chemistry in the Arizona Heat

Blue Water crew cleaning a swimming pool

As the weather begins to heat up in the Valley, a dip in the pool becomes more tempting. However, maintaining a pristine and safe swimming environment amidst the blazing heat requires more than just clear water. It demands a precise balance of chemicals to ensure that your pool remains a haven of relaxation and enjoyment…

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2024 Pool Trends in Phoenix, Arizona

As the sun-soaked city of Phoenix, Arizona, continues to embrace its love for outdoor living, swimming pools remain an integral part of many households. With each passing year, new trends and innovations emerge in the world of swimming pool design and technology. In 2024, we’re expecting to see some exciting developments that cater to the…

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How Often Should You Run Your Pool Pump?

Maintaining a crystal-clear pool year-round in Arizona comes with a unique set of challenges. With scorching temperatures and intense sunlight, pool owners need to adopt a meticulous approach to pool maintenance. One crucial element in the successful upkeep of your pool is determining how often and when to run your pool pump. At Blue Water,…

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Blue Water Is Your Partner in Pool Repair and Property Management

Property Management

Whether you own multiple properties with pools or are just looking for reliable repair services, working with a professional pool repair and management company can be a great investment. At Blue Water Chemical Co., we have decades of experience providing industry-leading pool repair, cleaning and property management services. If you are looking for residential pool management…

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