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A Heartfelt Review!

Recently, one of our customers took the time to provide feedback from years of service with Blue Water Chemical Co. We were so grateful for their words, we wanted to share with you!

“We have been using Blue Water Pool Chemical Co. for 42 years and have had the same service rep, John, for the past 36 years! Who can even say that? We are sure not many! During those 42 years, we took a couple months off to save a few bucks, thinking we could do it ourselves but we could not! We realized very quickly that it was worth every penny to have John take care of our pool! John shows up every week at the same time like clockwork. If there ever is a change, he always calls giving us plenty of notice. John is very reliable and always aims to keep our pool, not only looking good, but functioning correctly! We highly recommend Blue Water and plan on staying with them for many more years to come!!”