Backyard Date Night Ideas

With the pace of modern life, it can be difficult to carve out time to connect with our loved ones. Hosting an incredible date night in your very own backyard can help create a space to forge intimacy and remember what life is all about. You don’t need a fancy restaurant or extravagant adventure to connect!

Here we present several simple ideas to take advantage of your beautiful outdoor environment to set the stage for spending quality time with those that are important to you. Please remember to turn your technology off, take a deep breath, and to give your attention how you’d like to receive it.

For great backyard date nights, we recommend the following:

  • Host an Intimate Dinner
    Every month put two dates on your calendar for a romantic poolside meal. Tidy up your outside space, turn on any water features, and be sure to play soft music. Our biggest tip is to order in so there isn’t the distraction or hassle of cooking. Instead, focus your efforts on creating a nice environment.
  • Pool Party
    Who said that you can’t host a fun event as part of a date? Create a memorable evening with a few select friends and plan a small party. We love the idea of theming the event as a tiki night or even a safari theme to aid in planning a special menu and in decorations. Go all in and have fun.
  • Movies in the Pool
    If you can’t bear to leave the television off for an evening, bring it outside with you. For this date night, we recommend renting or investing in a projector so you can watch a movie from the pool. Make it extra special with popcorn and movie treats!

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