Blue Water Is Your Partner in Pool Repair and Property Management

Whether you own multiple properties with pools or are just looking for reliable repair services, working with a professional pool repair and management company can be a great investment.

At Blue Water Chemical Co., we have decades of experience providing industry-leading pool repair, cleaning and property management services. If you are looking for residential pool management or pool repair services, here are some reasons to consider working with us.

Property Management

A lot goes into owning and managing properties, particularly those with pools. Ensuring your properties are not only well-maintained but safe for tenants to enjoy can be a challenge. At Blue Water, our property management division is designed to give owners an easy and cost-effective way to manage all the requirements a pool needs. We offer Valley-wide service and a simplified billing process to make residential pool management easier and more efficient.

Whether you own one property or a hundred, each property will receive its own invoice, allowing for better cost control. Open lines of communication are essential, and we promptly notify property managers about any potential issues regarding repairs or tenant responsibilities. This proactive approach ensures that problems are addressed quickly, minimizing any potential headaches. Residential pool management can be a challenging endeavor, but with Blue Water’s property management division by your side, the process of maintaining properties and tenant happiness can be a breeze.

Pool Repair Services

A beautiful, well-maintained pool is an essential component of a backyard oasis, however keeping it swim-ready can be challenging for even the most vigilant of owners. The many pieces of equipment your pool relies on like filters, pumps and motors can wear down over time, necessitating costly or time-consuming repairs. At Blue Water, our repair division is fully equipped to handle a wide range of pool equipment repairs, ensuring you can enjoy your pool to the fullest.

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience in pool equipment repairs and stay up to date with the latest industry trends and repair techniques. If you are concerned your pool is no longer working at optimum capacity, a professional consultation can be a great recourse to ensure potential issues are swiftly dealt with.

Why choose us?

Pools are a great backyard amenity, and if well maintained can be enjoyed for years to come. If you start noticing your pool is having issues, don’t delay in getting help from professionals. As one of the leaders in the industry for over 47 years, Blue Water is a company you can trust. Contact us with any repair questions or needs your pool requires.