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Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

While no two people follow the same exact pool maintenance program, there are generally accepted principles that lead to cleaner and safer pool environments. There are a handful of common mistakes though that repeated, can lead to unwanted damage or exacerbated issues. Here are a couple of mistakes to stay away from as you get ready for the opening of pool season.

Leaving Anything But Water in the Pool

All kinds of stuff from people to toys to cleaning equipment end up in your pool from time to time. That is the point afterall. And while it is perfectly fine for things to visit, you do not want them to stay in the water. To begin with water can be a potentially corrosive substance. Things like pool floats and automatic pool cleaners are made of petroleum-based polymers that degrade when exposed to substances as acidic as chlorinated water. When you are done swimming or cleaning your pool, be sure to remove everything from the water and preferably rinse with clean tap water before putting away.

Letting Your Water Level Get Too Low

While nobody expects you to be out by your pool with a measuring stick each day, it is important to know approximately where the level line should be before you start to add water. Letting your pool water level get too low can cause your pump to pull air instead of water and as a result lose its prime. This can lead to overheating and all kinds of potentially disastrous results like warped pipes, melted seals and O-rings, and a bevy of other headache-inducing possibilities. Pools lose water for any number of reasons from run-of-the-mill evaporation to leaks. Paying close attention can help you diagnose a number of other issues before they become too severe.

If you are ever unsure of what to do or feel like your pool maintenance routine is lacking, feel free to get in touch or take a look at the Pool Tips section of our website for several valuable pointers!