Going On Vacation?

If you are hitting the road or jet-setting to a luxurious location for part of the summer, the last thing you want to worry about is your pool. At Blue Water Pool Chemical Co. we recommend investing in a vacation sitting service to ensure that your return home yields a happy one, straight back into your own pool.

To set your pool up for success while you are away, here are a few tips:

  • Water Level
    We can’t harp on it enough, but it is essential to maintaining the proper structural health of your pool! Before you leave town, check that your water level is at the appropriate mark to risk damaging equipment. While away, you’ll need to task whomever is watching over your pool with adding water as needed, especially during these summer months.
  • Balance
    Your normal pool care routine shouldn’t stop just because you are away from your property. Checking your water chemistry and adjusting it as necessary is one of the key components of our service at Blue Water.
  • Chlorine
    When you leave town, you’ll want to leave your pool water at its optimal chlorine level to reduce the chance of bacteria growing in your water while you are away. Algae blooms once rooted, can be difficult to rid yourself of so the best course of action is to not allow them to take hold in your water.
  • Filtration
    While away, you should set your pool’s filter system to run at least ten hours a day, particularly at night to help circulate and clean your water.

This summer, leave the worrying to us and task our talented team with taking care of your water while you enjoy the benefits of summer travel!