Finding continuous motivation to fit in exercise can be a struggle. Often, adding a new element can renew your invigoration and help restore your resolve. This year has been a doozy but we’ve been loving adding the health benefits of a pre- or post-workout soak to our routine. If nothing else, let us tell you why you should consider augmenting your workouts with a hot tub.

Hot tubs are frequently used to aid in the body’s recovery after strenuous exercise. A good, hot soak can boost blood circulation, change metabolic rate and alter the body’s core temperature. You should wait approximately 15 minutes to allow for the body to naturally cool off before taking a dip as this is the best way to increase the benefits to reduce muscle soreness and mitigate joint pain.

Not just for post-workout recovery, hopping into your hot tub for a quick dip before you exercise is a great way to relax your muscles by increasing blood flow and boosting circulation. This primes the body for a good stretch followed by action.

Better Sleep
Believe it or not, sleep is an integral part of the body’s natural repair process. If you are aiming to make progress in the gym or to boost immune function, good sleep is a non-negotiable. The benefits of better sleep can be captured by adding in a hot soak before bedtime. How it works is that the body can relax and become better regulated preparing you for a regular sleep cycle and deeper, more restful sleep.

We know it’s been a hard year and as winter looms, adding a hot tub soak to your exercise routine can also be considered proactive self-care. Taking a quiet 15-minute soak after a long day at work or taking care of the family can be just what is needed to recharge and stay healthy.

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