How Often Should a Pool Be Cleaned and Serviced?

Routine cleaning and maintenance are essential in ensuring your pool is beautiful and safe to use, and from periodic skimming to chemical and cleaning services, there are a number of important ways to improve the health and longevity of your pool. While the frequency of cleaning and servicing can vary, there are some general guidelines pool owners can follow that make maintaining their pool a breeze. At Blue Water Chemical Co., we have decades of experience giving owners industry-leading pool cleaning services. Read on for some ways to tell how often you should be cleaning and servicing your pool.


For pools that see a lot of use or in areas that see a lot of wind or rain, weekly maintenance can be important in ensuring the pool surface stays clean. Weekly skimming for leaves, bugs or debris can keep the pool looking beautiful, and brushing the floors and walls as needed can prevent algae growth. Weekly cleaning can eliminate the concern of buildup in the pool and stamp out many common issues before they can worsen over time. Testing and ensuring the water chemistry of your pool is within ideal levels periodically is also important.


Monthly cleanings can be just as important as weekly maintenance, ensuring more complex items like pumps and filters are functioning correctly. Vacuuming the bottom of the pool once a month can help remove dirt and make sure any debris that wasn’t skimmed can be easily removed. Checking and cleaning the filters is also important, and depending on the type of filter your pool utilizes, may require fewer or more frequent cleanings. Routine inspection of pumps, valves and other important equipment can also alert you to issues before they get worse.


Seasonal maintenance is important for many pools, but particularly ones that are used less frequently or only during some months out of the year. Water chemistry can be affected by seasonal changes, often requiring different chemical treatments in summer than in fall. For annual or seasonal maintenance, a professional consultation can be a great recourse, ensuring a pool that has not been used in a while can be quickly and efficiently brought up to speed. A yearly comprehensive evaluation by a professional can relieve the headache of ensuring all pool equipment and systems are functioning properly.

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Pools are a great backyard amenity, and if well maintained can be enjoyed for years to come. If you start noticing your pool is having issues, don’t delay in getting help from professionals. As one of the leaders in the industry for over 47 years, Blue Water is a company you can trust. Contact us with any repair questions or needs your pool requires.