How To Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

As the weather warms, many pool owners will be looking to spend as much time in and around the pool area as possible. At Blue Water Chemical Co., we have over 47 years of experience providing pool owners with friendly, professional service they can rely on.

If your pool hasn’t seen a lot of use in recent months, now is a great time to make sure it is safe, clean and ready to use for the swimming season. Read on for some ways to get a head start on preparing your pool for summer.

Cleaning and Checking

Even if your pool was spotless the last time it was used, months spent covered or untouched can still cause an accumulation of debris or improper water levels. Before storing, clean and remove your pool’s cover and check the water level. If it is low, add more water and begin cleaning. Brushing the sides of your pool and a thorough vacuuming can ensure any dirt or debris that has accumulated in the months since it was last used are taken care of.

Over time the levels of chlorine, pH and alkalinity might have fallen outside of their recommended ranges, and adjusting their levels can ensure your pool chemistry is back to an ideal state. If necessary, a shock treatment can also be utilized to kill any bacteria or algae that has developed over the winter months.

Properly functioning equipment is essential in keeping your pool clean and maintained, and before the start of the swimming season it is crucial to make sure the pumps, filters and other equipment your pool uses is working properly.

Maintenance and Consultation

After the initial cleaning and checks, your pool will be ready for you and your loved ones to enjoy. However, maintenance throughout the summer months is just as important as the initial cleaning, and regularly testing the water chemistry and skimming the surface to remove debris can help keep it sparkling year-round.

For busy pool owners or just those who want access to the best chemicals and cleaning tools on the market, a professional service can remove the headache of keeping your pool clean. As a Valley leader you can trust, investing in our services can make all the difference in ensuring your backyard is a place everyone can enjoy.

Pools are a great backyard amenity, and if well maintained can be enjoyed for years to come. If you start noticing your pool is having issues, don’t delay in getting help from professionals. As one of the leaders in the industry for over 47 years, Blue Water is a company you can trust. Contact us with any repair questions or needs your pool requires.