How to Treat and Prevent Pool Algae

Algae formation can be a real problem for pool owners, especially during the summer months, so it’s important to know how to treat and prevent algae formation. The best algae treatment is prevention, but if your pool already has algae there are ways to treat it before it spreads.

Algae can come in many different colors, each requiring unique methods to treat. Pool owners can often spot algae growth in places with poor circulation or that receive a lot of direct sunlight. The appearance of algae can also be due to inadequate chlorine levels, pH imbalances as well as filter issues. Good preventative measures if you notice more algae appearing than normal is to run your pumps more often, test the water consistently and try as much as possible to keep debris and personal items out of the pool. However, if algae is already a problem, here are some steps to take depending on the type of algae growth your pool has.

Green algae is a common form of algae growth many pool owners will come across. It often manifests on walls or steps but can also be found floating. Superchlorination or other treatments are effective methods of combating green algae growth, as well as physically removing any patches you come across.

Yellow algae is another common form of growth, and while not as quick to spread as green algae, can be even more difficult to adequately remove. Yellow algae in particular may require more aggressive chlorine treatments and is more resistant to physical scrubbing and removal than green.

While black algae is less often found in residential pools than in larger bodies of water, it is critical to treat and remove its growth as quickly as possible. Black algae is often found on plaster or concrete surfaces, and penetrates much deeper into the surface of your pool than many other forms. Brush thoroughly to break up the outer layer and chemically treat it as you would the other forms of algae growth.

All of these types of algae will benefit from a treatment of Algaecide. With the weather warming up, you want to make sure your pool is looking its best. Proper algae treatment and prevention will make sure you get the most out of your pool this summer.

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