How to Use Your Backyard for the Perfect Date

You don’t need a fancy restaurant reservation or a special destination to make a memorable evening. In fact, your very own backyard can make an excellent backdrop for your next date. Here’s how to create the perfect date right at home.

Planning a backyard date is a great way to set aside time to both reconnect with your partner and to put in some work in creating an outdoors that you love.

Spruce Up the Setting
Before you get too far into planning, be sure to set aside some time and give some care and attention in making your backyard shine. From great landscape design to upgrading your pool features, ensuring your backyard space feels and looks good is the first step in creating the right vibe.

Maybe you want to enhance your backyard lighting options, add a firepit or even a garden trellis to promote a peaceful, visual aesthetic. Take stock of your surroundings, declutter and create a pleasant environment.

Pick a Theme
We’ve found that centering a backyard date on a theme can help jazz up the occasion. Think a backyard wine and cheese picnic or a grill night with vegetables and steak. Opt for romance and set out an outdoor setting complete with candles. You get the picture. By picking a theme, you can rotate through your list and always have a handful of great dates ideas.

Other Considerations
Since you are in your own backyard, be sure to take special precautions to have a successful home-bound date. For example, leave your cell phones inside to avoid the dreaded scroll. Try to be flexible for even the best-laid plans can be interrupted by unexpected things including inclement weather. The best advice is to not stress and find fun ways of making the date your own.