Important Pool Care Steps to Take After a Storm

Pool ownership in Arizona means preparing for storms. The summertime is no stranger to heavy rains, thunderstorms and monsoons, which can all wreak havoc on your pool if you aren’t prepared.

In addition to preventative measures, there are also some strategies to take care of your pool after a storm. This will minimize the extent of any damages, as well as ensure your pool is still safe for everyone to use.

At BLUE WATER Pool Chemical Co., we offer a variety of services to help you keep your pool maintained and protected after a storm. In addition to cleaning, restoration and repair, we offer plenty of pool tips to help you prepare for anything Mother Nature throws your way.

In this post, we’ll explore five things to do after a storm to get your pool back to pristine condition.

1. Clean or Backwash Your Pool Filter

After a storm, cleaning your filter will help prevent the water from becoming contaminated and taking on a cloudy green hue. You’ll want to clean the filter before you do anything to the actual water to make sure that it’s working at optimal capacity.

Backwashing reverses the flow of water through your filter, which can help push out any materials that have built up during the storm.

BLUE WATER Pool Chemical Co. also provides pool cleaning services to help you maintain your filter and ensure that it’s working properly.

2. Remove Debris

Leaves, twigs and anything else that’s fallen into the pool should be fished out with a net or water vacuum. The longer waste sits in the water, the more bacteria builds up.

With any foreign bodies in the water, the natural chemistry will begin to shift. An unbalanced pH level is not only bad for your pool, but unsafe for swimmers, too.

You’ll need to have the pool completely free of debris before you can thoroughly test its water chemistry levels and make any adjustments. You’ll likely have to shock your pool after heavy rains or a storm to restore its balance.

If you’re unsure how to test your pool pH and alkalinity levels, don’t worry. We offer water testing and chemical cleaning services that will keep your pool safe for everyone. You can even schedule weekly water testing and chemical balancing treatments to get the most out of your pool year-round.

3. Prepare a Shock Treatment

Shock treatments drastically elevate the chlorine levels in your pool to oxidize the water. This destroys bacteria and other contaminants that could harm you or other swimmers. Bear in mind that not all threats to your pool safety are visible to the naked eye.

Regular cleaning and shocking after a storm can ensure your water is always safe.

Shocking a pool can be difficult on your own as you have to combine the right type of chlorine with other chemicals. Depending on the level of storm or rain, different chemicals are necessary to properly sanitize and rebalance the pool’s pH levels.

You should do regular pool shocks to prevent bacteria and algae from growing in your pool. After a heavy storm, it’s always a good idea to shock your pool and thoroughly sanitize it.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having to do all this alone, we’re here to help. We can walk you through the process of pool care after a storm or perform the services entirely for you.

Please contact BLUE WATER Pool Chemical Co. today to schedule an appointment with one of our Arizona pool experts.