Keeping Algae Blooms At Bay

The peak of swim season is the worst time to be struck with an algae bloom. To mitigate the risk and avoid the possibility altogether, here are five tips to help you keep algae blooms at bay:

  1. Circulate
    One of the biggest keys in preventing an algae bloom is to keep your water moving. Perform regular check up of both your skimmer and pump strainer baskets to ensure that water is moving through your equipment correctly. Circulation can help diminish the chance of spores taking root in cracks, crevices, and equipment. At minimum, run your filtering system at least six to eight hours a day and if you are experiencing a heavy swimmer load, this should bump up to around ten to twelve hours a day.
  2. Shock
    Ensuring that you conduct a weekly shock treatment can eliminate algae problems. This weekly treatment will kill off any spores that make their way into your water before they have a chance to attach to a surface.
  3. Sanitize
    Another critical task in warding of algae is to ensure that you properly sanitize your pool. Chlorine and other sanitizers are excellent at killing off potential blooms before they get out of hand while keeping your pool water safe and clean for swimming.
  4. Brush
    Giving your pool a good brush and scrub to remove any residual build up help you avoid future problems. At least twice a week take a brush to town and give a solid brushing to the steps, walls, floor and any other area where algae can take root and grow.
  5. Algaecide
    To maintain clear waters, consider using an algaecide intermittently to keep your water clean and preventing algae spores from turning into full-on blooms!