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Monsoon Season is Coming

It’s officially monsoon season here in the high desert. From heavy rain to hail, flash floods to dust storms, the majestic storm season is coming. While these events can be exciting as they unfold, they can also cause damage to your pool and property if you aren’t prepared.

In Arizona, monsoon season usually runs from early July to late September. Dependent on factors such as dew point and temperatures, the storms can range greatly in severity. Frequently accompanied by heavy downpours and lighting, a singular monsoon averages 2.5” of rain which equates to a large amount of Phoenix’s annual rainfall.

Prep Your Property
During the rainy season – with a storm coming in, it’s best practice to cover your pool pump and filtration system with a tarp. You should aim to keep a clean deck and patio area to avoid extra dirt making its way into your pool water. Additionally, secure lawn furniture, pool equipment, pool toys, equipment, and chemicals to avoid getting caught off guard.

Aftermath Care
After the storm safely passes, you’ll want to tend to your pool as soon as feasible. Branches, leaves, and dirt will have most likely found its way into your water. Skim whatever you can from the surface then proceed with running your filtration and vacuum system to avoid overloading or clogging your pool. Giving attention to your pool water to remove excess debris can prevent issues.

Rebalance Water Chemistry
Once you’ve tended to your backyard environment and skimmed your pool, the next step is to check your pool chemistry and take necessary measures to restore proper pH. The added water from the rainfall combined with the extra dirt and debris may require you to backwash your filter system and shock your pool.

Monsoons are a natural part of life in the arid desert. In fact, sometimes a good thunderstorm can be kind of fun. Just be sure to get out there and take care of your water once a storm passes. You don’t want to let extra debris fester causing future complications and potential expenses.