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On Cloudy Pools

There are typically four main reasons why your pool water takes on that milky or cloudy appearance and they include:

  • Improper Chlorine Levels
    Lacking enough free or combined chlorine available in your pool may mean you’ll need to shock your pool water.
  • Imbalanced pH and Alkalinity
    Bad water chemistry can lead to a swimming environment that is rife with bacteria and other microorganisms. Test your pool water and adjust as necessary to balance both pH and total alkalinity.
  • Clogged Filter Cartridges
    Keeping a clean filtration system is critical to good water circulation. Depending on your filter type, you may need to backwash your filter system to ensure efficient filtration.
  • Presence of Algae
    If you’ve been lax on your pool care, algae spores could have made their way into your water and taken root.

Identifying the Cause
In order to fix your cloudy water, you need to know what’s causing it. The most common cause of milky water is low amounts of free chlorine in your water. To correct, you will need to test your water chemistry. You can either do this with a water test kit or by having the professionals, like our team come, visit your home and help.

Once you know the culprit, you can take appropriate action to clear your water and get on your way to a swim-worthy pool!