Pool Safety

Staying cool and safe in the pool requires a bit of awareness and knowledge. This summer, our team at Blue Water Pool Chemical Company wants you to have a great season of swimming and spending time in the beautiful outdoors. That’s why we’ve compiled a friendly refresher on pool safety tips.

Prioritize Swimming Lessons
Especially for families with young kids, ensuring that each individual that will be around your pool is comfortable in water and is confident as a swimmer. Instruction in this capacity often includes lessons about how to get to the side of the pool if necessary.

Know CPR
Before we get into the swing of summer, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to administer CPR to the various age brackets including adults, children and infants under a year old. A quick internet search will surface plenty of courses for those in need of a refresh or certification.

Make Rules and Follow Them
Having a person assigned as lookout, no running or horseplaying near the pool, no diving, etc. are all good examples of pool rules. Collectively consider proper behavior and make a list. You may even want to consider posting it where swimmers can read it as a way to re-enforce the rules.

Adult Supervision
There is nothing that can take the place of adult supervision when children are present. Never, ever leaving kids unattended near water is the best way to avoid any accident.

Nothing is better than splashing around and having fun in a pool but being safe while doing so is key to ensuring a great experience for everyone involved. At Blue Water Pool Chemical Company, we are here to ensure that your pool water is sparking, clean and inviting for all of your safe guests.