While big Arizona storms can be a treat with their magnificent lightning shows and tumultuous wind storms, unfortunately, they can also do quite a number on your swimming pool. When it rains, acidic elements can easily be carried into your water to disrupt your pool’s pH and dilute its chemical properties resulting in water problems if you don’t take quick action.

In advance of a storm, here are what the experts at Blue Water recommend doing to prevent issues (and expenses).

Keep it Clean
Maintaining an organized area in and around your pool can enhance not only your outdoor experiences but in the event of a monsoon, ensure less damage. Patio future, pool toys, equipment and even potted plants should be kept orderly and in secure locations to prevent toppling into your pool with large wind gusts.

Turn Off System
If the monsoon looks to be a big one, it’s a good idea to turn off your pump system or change its automatic schedule to avoid running your pool filter system during the rain portion of the storm.

Pool Water Care
Next, balancing your pool water and, if time allows, adding an algaecide can help keep your pool free of organic contaminants that run into your pool along with rain. If you are unsure what to do, Blue Water can help you follow the correct steps to keep your water from turning into a green, dirty mess.

Once the weather clears. Get outside and tend to matters as time is of the essence. You should tackle the following tasks:

  • Remove any debris from both the surface of your pool and its skimmer baskets
  • Brush and vacuum your pool
  • Run your pool pump and filter system
  • Test the water chemistry and adjust for proper, balanced levels
  • Get back to enjoying your swimming pool!

If you need any extra assistance, our team is ready to help. Please call (480) 991-0302 and we can assist with cleaning and chemical care post-storm.