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Prepping Your Pool For High Traffic

Now that summer temperatures are here, we bet that your pool is experiencing heavy use. From barbeques with friends and neighbors, quick dips post work with the family, or lounging poolside with a great book on the weekend, the chances are your swimmer load is heavy. Some people think we are crazy but this is, in fact, our favorite time of year in Arizona.

To make the most of the season, here are a few tips for prepping your pool to handle the high swimmer load associated with the summer:

  • Remove your swimming pool cover only after collecting debris that has accumulated on top. You want to prevent as much contamination as possible from any standing water after rain or runoff from nearby sprinklers.
  • Be sure to store your cover after it’s completely dry in a safe, sun-free space. The sun can cause damage and additional wear and tear.
  • Ensure your pool is at its proper water level. It’s easy for evaporation to occur in our Arizona heat so you’ll need to continuously check the water level to keep up.
  • Check the filter for leaks and clean out and leaves or organic matter that make their way into skimmer baskets on the daily.
  • Water quality is next up on the list. During the summer, when your pool experiences high use, maintaining healthy water is critical. Talk to our talented team about the right way to test your pH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness so you can rest easy and know that your swimmers are safe.
  • Circulation is the other key component. Running your filtration system for at least 10 hours a day during peak season can help keep your waters moving, allowing for the right dispersal of chemicals to stay clean.