First off, let us be one of many to congratulate you on your new home. Whether it’s your first home, a relocation, downsizing, or other, we’re thrilled to welcome you to a new environment with one of our favorite things: a pool!

We’re especially excited because we are a team of experts that deal with all things pool-related. If this your first pool, then you’ll appreciate this primer on where to begin with taking care of it and why it is important to involve the experts.

A Major Property Investment
Pools are a great way to invest in your property. A great pool adds value – both of the monetary kind and also when it comes to fun and relaxation. New homeowners are typically excited to dive in but we’d advise you to check out a few things before getting wet.

Run the Systems
The first step when taking ownership of an existing pool is to run all systems. The pump and filtration should be turned on until the water is clean and the chemical balance is correct.

Test Water Chemistry
To know exactly where you stand with water chemistry, you’ll need to test the pH balance, chlorine and for total alkalinity. If we’ve lost you, reach out to our team for details or help.
The target range for pH is between 6.8 and 7.4. Next up, add a sequestering agent to prevent future staining or scaling and allow the pool to settle with the pump running. Then, add chlorine as necessary to achieve 1.0 and 2.0 readings.

Brush and Clean
While you are working on balancing water, we recommend that you brush or vacuum your pool twice a day to ensure good circulation of any settled debris. You’ll want to give extra attention to steps, corners and any in-pool seating areas that can be easily missed.

Add Algaecide
One of the last steps to perform after your pool chemicals are balanced is to add an algaecide to prevent algae blooms. Depending on the type used, follow instructions to wait the correct amount of time before swimming.

If you feel overwhelmed or need help, our team is at the ready to assist your transition as a new homeowner and a new pool owner.