Summer Pool Games

The Olympics are on, the temperatures are blazing and the season feels right for summer pool games. At Blue Water Chemical company, we do the work of keeping your pool sparkling clean and fresh so you can do the honors of having fun.

If your current pool routine is lacking, let us spark a new desire to play with several of our favorite fun pool activities. Whether young or old, jumping into something that’s a little bit silly can melt stress and reinvigorate a day by the pool. Without further ado, here are our best games:

Marco Polo
An all-time crowd pleaser, this famous pool game is played by selecting one individual to start out as Marco, the king. The king must keep their eyes closed and call out “Marco,” to which the other players must answer with a “polo” while maneuvering around the pool. Marco’s role is to find and tag someone else using sound as a clue to whereabouts.

Hair Competition
If you have hair that’s longer than your shoulders, this game should be familiar. Otherwise known as the George Washington inspired by the Colonial-era, this underwater hairstyle is all the rage. Get your friends and together see what wacky hairstyles you can manage underwater. Designate one individual as the judge and flex those creative ideas.

Wave Pool
Have all participants collect in various corners and nooks and use their bodies to create big waves. Repeat until the surface of your pool is choppy like the ocean and churning like a whirlpool.

Cannon Ball or Belly Flop
Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition, especially one that results in big splashes? An equipment-free game, holding a miniature cannon ball or belly flop tournament can be a fun way to integrate with those that don’t feel like getting in the pool.

Synchronized Swimming
Last, but not least, one of our favorite pool games is to select a partner and to create a routine in the style of synchronized swimming. If you have outdoor speakers, pick a song and then choreograph a dance routine that incorporates somersaults, handstands, kicks, flips and more.