Summer Pool Safety Tips

Staying safe this summer means knowing how to protect yourself and your friends and family poolside. There are plenty of steps you can take to ensure your backyard is the best place to be for swimmers of all ages and experience levels.

Safety awareness is a part of responsible pool ownership, and we hope these suggestions will help you feel more confident and secure.

Here is our top list of pool safety tips that every homeowner should practice:

Get Lessons Early

Teach young swimmers everything they need to know as early as possible. There are six levels of swimming ability ranked by the Red Cross — children as young as 3 can start learning the ropes. Sign them up for swim lessons as soon as you can.

Children who enter the pool younger will be more comfortable around water. They’ll also learn how to protect themselves and proper steps to take whenever they’re near the pool.

This free orientation program by the Red Cross teaches parents and caregivers the fundamentals of swimming lessons for children.

Never Leave Anyone Unsupervised

Even avid swimmers can experience a cramp, trip, or suddenly wind up in a dangerous situation. Use the buddy system, and make sure that there is always one adult who knows how to swim and perform CPR on deck at all times.

Never leave children unsupervised, even if that’s just turning your back to BBQ or running inside for a minute.

Designating a “lifeguard” in group settings helps keep everyone safe and assures there will always be help if someone needs it.

Have the Right Equipment in Reach

Make sure that you always have life jackets, lifesaving rings, a reaching pole, a cell phone, and first aid kit within reach. The pool should always have the necessary supplies to provide emergency aid when necessary. Make sure that guests are also shown where the equipment is and know how to use it before anyone dives in.

Know CPR

You can learn CPR through the American Red Cross online. CPR is a life-saving technique, and you should know how to perform it on babies, children, and adults. Familiarize yourself with the basics. There are plenty of guides online that can help. We recommend this visual CPR guide by Healthline.

If you have any questions about building a safer pool in your home, the experts at Blue Water Pool Chemical Co. are always happy to assist. Please contact us whenever you have questions.