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Taking Better Care of Your Hot Tub

Being a hot tub owner should be an enjoyable experience, not one full of headaches. If you know that you are lackluster on your maintenance routine or if you just don’t have the time, our expert team is the answer. Right now, let’s vow to tackle your water care needs together.

In 2020, to ensure that your investment is both ready to use on any given day, and is primed for a long, rewarding life, here’s what you need to take better care of your spa:

Tech Upgrade
It can be a struggle to maintain an aging hot tub and that’s why we recommend implementing technological upgrades. We can visit your property to survey what you are working with and make recommendations to ensure that your hot tub is operating at its optimal level.

Water Quality
Water quality is basically the key to ensuring hot tub health. There are two items that you should be checking for on a routine basis – pH and sanitizer levels. We recommend using the color-coded test strips from your local pool shop to make this a simple task. Once you have a read on where your water’s chemistry currently stands, you’ll need to adjust levels to bring it into balance. This is critical to avoid issues like scaling or mineral buildup.

To kill nasty bacteria, shocking is a process where you add a mega-batch of sanitizer to cleanse your pool water and make it safe for use.

Cleaning your hot tub at least once or twice a month is a good frequency to shoot for. Be sure to drain it every 3 months to ensure that it is clear of debris and to give you a fresh place to start. When you clean the hot tub, don’t forget to rinse, spray and soak your cartridge filters.

Let Us Help!
If you have any questions, get in touch with our team today by calling (480) 991-0302. We’re happy to help all year long.