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Taking Care of Your Pool After it Rains

While storms can be exciting events, especially in our arid desert environment, they can also offer occasion for introducing new, unwanted items into your pool water. Dirt, debris, insects, fertilizer, rain water and more can deeply impact your pH balance and strain equipment if not taken care of properly.

After a rainstorm, a quick cleanup is critical to mitigating risk for issues like cloudy water, algae blooms or too much filter pressure. Here’s our recommended to-do list post-storm:

  • Skim and Brush
    First and foremost, when the skies clear remove any large debris from your skimmer baskets and filter system.
  • Check Water Level
    Rainwater and runoff may have increased the amount of water volume in your pool. To fix this issue, hook up your backwash hose or set your pump to waste and run your pool. Keep an eye on the water level and stop it when it hits your target mark.
  • Shock and Filter
    Shocking your pool and running your filtration system for 12 hours post-storm ensures proper filtration and circulation.
  • Water Testing
    Next up is testing your water chemistry. You can either perform this task at home with a kit or take a water sample to your local professional pool store for help. In the event of testing after a rainfall, we recommend testing for phosphates then taking action as necessary to avoid algae issues.
  • Adjust Water Chemistry
    Once you know where your chemistry is, you can make the adjustments necessary to bring it back into balance.

Rain or shine, our team is here to help. Give us a holler if you need assistance.