Maintaining proper water chemistry is essential for keeping your pool clean and safe for swimming. But between choosing the right chemicals and setting the optimal schedule for adding them to the water, ensuring a healthy chemical balance can be a complicated and confusing process for many pool owners.

At Blue Water Pool Chemical, we are proud to use the highest quality and most effective pool chemicals, which are only available through us and cannot be purchased from third-party vendors. Developed over our decades of experience in the pool industry, our signature products offer superior strength—thereby yielding instant results. When our pool care professionals visit your property each week, they will test the water and add a customized combination of chemicals as needed to keep the water safe and crystal clear. Here is an overview of some of the benefits that our pool chemicals provide:

  • Chemicals such as chlorine and bromine—which are the most commonly used pool sanitizers, although bromine is primarily used in spas—are essential for preventing the growth of algae and harmful bacteria, including E. coli.
  • Balancers maintain the optimal pH range of 7.2-7.8. This reduces the risk of irritation to swimmers’ eyes and skin while preventing algae and keeping the water sparkling.
  • Algaecides are helpful for combatting particularly resistant forms of algae that continue to grow even when exposed to chlorine.
  • The Blue Water team can determine if and when your pool requires other chemicals, such as borate, calcium hypochlorite or other shock treatments, water hardeners, and clarifiers. These additives may be necessary at times to keep your pool clean, looking beautiful, and protected from the structural damage that could result from an improper chemical balance in the water.

Maintaining the right chemistry in your pool is an ongoing process that may require regular adjustments, but it is necessary in order to ensure maximum enjoyment of your pool. At Blue Water Pool Chemical, our customized chemical and cleaning services will keep your pool in optimal condition so that you and your loved ones can enjoy carefree swimming all year-long. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our professionals!