The Importance of Chemical Balance in Your Pool

When it comes to pool maintenance, the chemical balance and composition of your pool can make a huge difference in the health and safety of anyone who uses it. At Blue Water Chemical Co., we have decades of experience helping homeowners ensure their pool areas are safe for friends and family to enjoy. If you are looking to upgrade the health, safety and appearance of your pool, here are some tips on pool chemical balance and maintenance.

Initial Maintenance

Proper pool maintenance is paramount for homeowners, and if it has been a while since you used or cleaned your pool, a thorough treatment can ensure it will be ready for the swimming season. An initial cleaning allows you to assess the condition and needs of your pool, preventing potential headaches down the road. A professional consultation, especially at the start of the swimming season, can ensure your pool has been treated with the right amount of chemicals. Chemical balance and other factors involved in pool treatments can be difficult for even seasoned owners to get right, and a trained professional can alleviate the worry of working with potentially dangerous chemicals.

Types of Pool Chemicals

There are many types of pool chemicals that go into a properly balanced pool, from chlorine to sodium bicarbonate to clarifiers. Chlorine is one of the most popular pool sanitizers, and it helps halt the growth of algae and bacteria and keeps your pool clean and beautiful all season long. Stabilizers like cyanuric acid can stop UV radiation from destroying chlorine, allowing your chemical treatments to work better and last longer. Shock treatment chemicals like calcium hypochlorite can sanitize the water and are often employed when initially cleaning the pool to remove buildup. While chlorine is an effective way to prevent algae growth, some types of algae can still grow in environments that are chlorine-treated. An algaecide can be a good recourse for owners looking to target and eliminate algae, while not impacting the pH levels or the ability to use the pool after.

Proper Levels

With the number of pool chemicals on the market, it can be difficult for owners to know which types to use and how much. Pool chemicals should help keep the pool clean and pristine, while also ensuring anyone swimming has a healthy environment to enjoy. Educating yourself on the proper chemical levels or utilizing the help of a professional pool service company can be a great resource. The alkalinity, acidity and pH levels of your pool are important to monitor and keep in check, and when kept in optimal levels can ensure your backyard oasis is one everyone can enjoy.

Pools are a great backyard amenity, and if well maintained can be enjoyed for years to come. If you start noticing your pool is having issues, don’t delay in getting help from professionals. As one of the leaders in the industry for over 47 years, Blue Water is a company you can trust. Contact us with any repair questions or needs your pool requires.