In the Valley of the Sun, we are fortunate enough to have weather that permits year-round pool usage. Right now, with COVID-19, working from home and virtual school environments, we’re sure that your backyard environment is getting plenty of heavy use and this means a hefty swimming load for your pool.

To ensure that fun and relaxation continues, it’s important to take care of your pool. That’s why our team at Blue Water Pool Chemical Company has comprised the following tips for servicing your pool.

The Basics
To ensure that you maintain a healthy, swim-ready pool, there are certain tasks that must be routinely performed:

  • Remove Debris
    Dirt, debris, pet hair, leaves, bugs, you name it, the chances are it will most likely end up in your pool. Staying on top of keeping debris out of your pool can go a long way in allowing your water chemistry to stay more balanced and in getting rid of the factors that can cause algae to root and grow.
  • Empty Skimmer Baskets
    In order for your filter system to work it’s best and the water to circulate properly, you’ll need to give weekly, sometimes daily, attention to emptying your pool’s skimmer baskets.
  • Balance Water Chemistry
    Keeping the right pH is essential to a healthy water environment. If you need help, our team is happy to assist you in learning more about the necessary steps to testing and balancing your pool water.
  • Maintain Surface Areas

Interior walls, tile, water features, deck areas, any surface inside and near your pool needs care. It’s a best practice to check all areas each season for any progressing damage.

If you need some assistance in keeping your pool healthy throughout the year, contact us today for a personalized program for your home.