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Top Problems that Require Professional Pool Repair

Every swimming pool needs quality care to ensure its longevity and health. While many homeowners do an excellent job at maintaining their pools, the chances are that eventually your pool will require professional service or repairs.

At Blue Water Pool Chemical Company, we’ve been in business for over 40 years. That means that we’ve basically seen it all when it comes to pool issues. Several of the most common problems we see on a regular basis that require our care include:

    • Blocked Sand Filters
      Sand filters are efficient filtration components that, if maintained can perform their job for years. A general rule of thumb is to replace the sand every 3 to 5 years. Sand filters can, on occasion, get blocked and require a professional’s help.
    • Discolored Grout
      There are many reasons why grout changes color from accumulation of grime to discoloration stemming from a chemical reaction. If you notice your pool looking less that great, we can help you by draining the pool to uncover the grout then washing it with an acidic solution to reverse any discoloration.
    • Cracked Concrete
      Whether in your pool, around the deck area, or elsewhere in your backyard oasis, concrete cracks are unsightly. Due to the expansion and contraction that occurs naturally with seasonal temperature changes, cracks require immediate attention in order to avoid future, more costly issues. Small cracks can be spot filled and sealed but larger cracks may require a complete resurfacing.
    • Broken Lighting
      If any lights in your pool aren’t functioning, it’s imperative to get them fixed by a professional. You never want to mix anything dealing with water and electricity. To make this repair, our staff with turn off the main electricity then drain your pool for best access.