Whether you are a new or veteran pool owner, Blue Water Pool Chemical Company’s team can help you separate junk from quality. In fact, with years of experience under our belt, we know the difference between an upsell and a product that will actually improve your life.

Before you run out to your local pool supply store and hand over your money, read our recommendations on pool essentials:

Water Test Strips
These tiny pieces of paper are invaluable to protecting your pool investment. Our experts recommend that you test your water at least once a week (if not more). This is the best route to knowing what types of chemicals your pool needs to prevent unhealthy bacteria or algae from mucking up your pool waters. With these strips, you just have to hold one underwater for several seconds and then set aside for a reading. In addition to using these strips, we also recommend having Blue Water Pool Chemical test your water at least once a month for a more comprehensive read.

Pool Shock
Pools unfortunately are exposed to dirt, debris, and other organic matter on the regular. If your sanitizer level dips too low, your water is susceptible to turning colors. To most effectively counter, you’ll need to add calcium hypochlorite, otherwise known as shock to kill any unwanted pool invaders.

Great Vacuum
A solid pool vacuum can help lessen the burden on all other pool systems. It can reduce the need for chemicals, decrease the load on your filter, and also help keep the time you need to scrub and brush dirt from your water to a minimum.

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