Summer is officially here and with it, swim season. Whether you are hitting your pool for early morning laps, afternoon relaxation or for early evening dips with the family, the chances are that your pool is experiencing its highest use period. With more traffic and use comes the need for mindful awareness about water safety for all members of your family.

At Blue Water Pool Chemical Company, here are our simple guidelines for making the most, and safest, use of your pool.

Responsible pool owners know that it’s critical for one individual to be appointed the role of pool supervisor. While this can seem like an overly cautious task, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. A pool supervisor is someone that is appointed to keep an eye on all swimmers.

Part of enjoying yourself means taking care of your skin while in the sun. Afterall, we’ve all had at least one bad sunburn and no one wants to repeat that experience. When you’re out enjoying your pool, be sure that all members of your family or guests are taking precautions to guard against sun exposure. A good sunscreen, hat, umbrella and glasses can make a world of difference in protecting against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

A great protective step pool owners can take is to erect a pool fence that runs the perimeter. With child-safe locks, this is a critical way to prevent kids and animals from entering your pool without permission or supervision.

When enjoying a pool day, remind your guests that care and moderation of consumption is an important aspect to safety. Offer plenty of water and salty snacks to replace electrolytes lost when basking in the sun or playing games.

Pool ownership can be a joy but it also requires responsibility. We hope you and your loved ones have a great summer spending time in your backyard.