What Color Should My Pool Water Be?

The color of your pool will depend on many different factors, such as the lighting, surrounding plants, and filter you have installed, and even the time of day when you’re looking at the pool. However, the general rule is that the lighter the water is, the better. The following guide will help you understand the factors involved in the color of a pool.

Factors that Affect the Color of Your Pool Water

The color of the water in your pool will depend on various factors, including the following:

  • pH: The higher the pH, the more basic the water is, appearing lighter in color.
  • Dirt and Debris in the Water: Dirt and debris cause the water to look darker in color when swimming. However, the deeper the dirt particles are, the lighter they appear.
  • Filters: Fiberglass replacement filters tend to reflect less light than other types of filters, therefore making water that previously appeared dark appear lighter.

How Can You Make Your Pool Water Appear Lighter?

To make your pool water appear lighter, you need to choose the right products. Turn off any swimming pools lights to gain a better idea of the actual color of the pool water. Next, clean all surfaces in and around your pool using a brush and vinegar-based cleaners, such as decking stairs, diving boards, skimmers, and pumps.

In addition, you’ll need to use phosphate-free cleaning products for your pool’s interior and exterior to achieve this effect. If you can buy these separately, it’s best because you can mix them based on your needs.

Hire a pool service professional to assess and resolve the problem. At affordable prices, Blue Water Pool Chemical can help you with all your pool cleaning needs, from vacuuming and simple scrubbing to using chemicals to remove tough stains from your pool.

Keep the Water Clean

The key to keeping your pool clean is regular maintenance. You should vacuum the pool every week, clean the filter regularly, and check your chlorine and pH levels every day.

Know Your Pool Color

“What should my pool color be?” is one of the most common questions for pool owners. The answer is, ideally, crystal clear and sparkling. Use these tips to keep your pool water looking its best, or contact us Blue Water Pool Chemical for assistance with all your pool cleaning needs.