Taking care of an inground pool isn’t second nature. In fact, it takes many pool owners years to fall into the right routine. For those that are struggling, reach out to our stellar team of pool professionals.  We’re ready to help you find the cadence of care needed to upkeep your investment or do it for you if you’d like.

When it comes to taking care of your pool, it’s important to consider use. Heavy traffic seasons require more attention (and chemicals) to maintain. Main components of care during this time include:

  • Check your pool’s pH and chlorine levels at least twice a week and adjust chemicals as necessary.
  • Clean the pool thoroughly by checking skimmer baskets and removing leaves or debris from water. You should also run the pool vacuum once a week and skim any surface with a net.
  • If you notice lines along the pool surface lines, add a surface cleaner and give a quick brush to the walls just below the surface to prevent stains.
  • Shock your pool water once a week to eliminate algae and other contaminants.
  • Run filtration as necessary to allow for proper circulation to remove pollutants and bacteria.

Out of season, there are still several critical steps necessary to upkeep your pool, even during periods of non-use.

  • Inspect your pool before you close and address any lingering issues.
  • Test water and adjust chemicals as you would during the regular season.
  • Remove all pieces of equipment from water. This includes items like toys, ladders, and other submerged accessories.
  • Drain pump and filters before cold weather hits to prevent damage.
  • Lower your pool’s water level by draining a few inches off the top.
  • Cover with a safety cover and pay attention to any gaps or rips that occur.

Ensure the health of your pool by hiring the professionals!