Why You Need Pool Management for Your Properties

At Blue Water, our Property Management Division offers valley-wide services that ensure that however many properties you are responsible for, we provide complete service for any pool repair or maintenance needs. Keeping pools clean and beautiful for your tenants is a priority, and that is why you want a company you can trust. As one of the leaders in the industry for over 47 years, whatever your property needs, we can provide.

Keeping a pool serviced and maintained can be a lot of work, and many homeowners quickly realize that taking care of the pool themselves is not enough. By hiring a pool company like Blue Water for your properties, we take care of all the dirty work so your tenants can enjoy the pool and you can enjoy the security and peace of mind we provide.

We deal directly with tenants, freeing up a lot of the hassle for you, and clearly lay out the responsibilities for proper maintenance. Any property we work on will receive its own individual invoice, ensuring full transparency on cost and making sure the tenant knows exactly what they are responsible for paying. We also will email any repair estimates directly to you and only move forward with them once we receive your explicit approval.

If problems arise, we will directly contact the property manager in regard to each individual account, clearing up any issues relating to repair bills or the responsibilities expected of the homeowner. By making sure the tenant understands what their duties are when it comes to using the pool, we can often stop a lot of problems before they happen.

By providing your tenants with the expert knowledge our customers have come to rely on, you can be sure that the pools in all of your properties are in good hands. Our employees have all been with us a long time, so you can be assured in a consistent professional year after year.

With decades of experience in keeping pools clean and beautifully maintained, Blue Water is a company you can trust. Our treatment products are made specifically for us and not available for purchase, which means you can expect exceptional results every time.

Whether you have one property or 100, Blue Water is committed to providing the best quality services. Contact us with any questions or needs your pool or property has.